Conserving the Earth’s resources is a mainstream issue and one that we all have a part to play in. Recycling used goods as well using “green” energy products are said to help but how can we protect Earth through our use of water at home and in the office? We may not know it but some of our everyday habits could be damaging the Earth more than we knew. Below are some tips to help you help the Earth.

  1. Turn off taps

Water wastage is a big problem. So, whether brushing your teeth, washing your hands or rinsing your dishes, try to use less water. Spending less time with each activity or just turning the tap a little can save litres of water. When you are done, ensure that no water is dripping. Leaks can lose up to 600 litres a day, which will affect your water bill more than anything else.

  1. Upgrade

Buy newer models of taps, showers and toilets. Each can help you conserve more energy and decrease your water usage. Showers should have low-flow options on the showerhead while newer toilets are said to use just under half the water of older models, four litres compared to 13 litres, when flushed.

The same goes for washing machines. Swapping from older, top loader models to the more modern front loader washing machines will help you save water and money. While, only use it when it is full rather than doing multiple loads that are only half full.

  1. Washing dishes

When doing the clean up after dinner, use a plug and fill the sink with water just once. While if you have a dishwasher, only run it when it is completely full. Ensure when purchasing a dishwasher that is has suitable energy ratings.

  1. Vegetables

A lot of water can be saved in the preparation and cooking of vegetables. Instead of washing them under running water, fill up a small bowl to wash them that way. While if boiling vegetable, make sure they are all underwater and to leave the lid on the pot. This should make sure the vegetables are cooked quicker reducing energy and water wastage, while also the vegetables more vitamin rich.

In countries where droughts are common, conservation techniques are very important so next time you are washing your teeth or taking a shower, try to spend a little less time, and save the planet while doing so.