With the advent and growing popularity of social media, businesses all over the world ensure that they have multiple accounts through which they can advertise their product and brand. Plumbing is not one of the most attractive professions out there but taking a quick look through Instagram throws up numerous results, from business pages to how-to and advice pages. With a mix of content, both photos and videos, what are the most followed pages using the search words “plumber” or “plumbing” on Instagram?

  1. Plumber’s World

With over 13.8k followers, “Plumber’s World” promises to bring “plumbers across the world together” and shares “the best and worst of plumbing”. It’s easy to see why this page has garnered such a following, with photos of pipes, meme’s relating to showers and toilet paper, and some more photos of pipes. What more could the plumbers across the world want?

  1. Plumberparts

Plumberparts boasts 6,000 followers but lays claim to over 83,000 subscribers on YouTube. Obviously, Instagram is just a side hobby. With over 290 videos on his YouTube channel, James uses Instagram for photos of pipes. He also regularly congratulates other plumbers on their handiwork, reposting one and commenting “lovely straight lines, lots of levers, YEAH BOI!” under one.

  1. Life_of_a_maintenance_plumber

Besides perfecting the use of the underscore, this Melbourne plumber spends less time posting pictures of pipes and more time promoting different brands. Who knew there was money to be made in the plumbing Instagram world? With over 14,000 followers, he is doing something right and regularly posts videos of him in action.

  1. Pimlicoplumbers

This London based company, with 2,000 followers, are London’s largest independent plumbing company and regularly share content about their appearances on television or in the local newspaper. Staying away from photos displaying their work, Pimlicoplumbers are more concerned with promoting their brand. Photos of newspaper articles feature heavily as do pictures of meet and greets and company branding. Their marketing manager works overtime on this one.

  1. Plumbingfail

Plumbingfail, in its own words, aims to “marvel at the creativity of the inexperienced, applaud the skills of the well trained and expose the fails of the overconfident.” Sort of like a plumbing vigilante, this Instagram page of 7,000 followers, laughs at mistakes which must be so obvious to a plumber but not so to the layman. A very niche market but one that has gathered some support.

So, if you are tempted to set up your own plumbing social media, look no further than the experts above to gain some much-needed followers and Instagram experience.