Plumbing is an expensive business. When something goes wrong whether it’s a small leak or some clogged drains and we know we’ll have to call the plumber, we are expecting the worst. It has to be done but we’ll be feeling the effects on our bank balance for the next few weeks. What can we do to keep costs down or to even eliminate them altogether? There are some smart preventative measures below so keep them in mind and you might not have to part with so much of your hard-earned cash next time.

  1. Stop to think

Drains are small. That means they can become blocked very easily so think about what you are letting go down them. If cleaning your plate after dinner, make sure all food goes into the bin before you put the plate or pan in the sink. While in the shower, leave a mesh over the drain to prevent any hair going down. These are simple measures which can keep your drains blockage free.

  1. Leaks

If you see a leak, call a plumber. It will cost you but not nearly as much as it will if you leave it for a few weeks. Leaks do not fix themselves, they only worsen. A call to your plumber will save you time and money in the future.

  1. DIY

Some, not all, plumbing problems have a simple fix. Try to diagnose the problem with help from google and if you are certain you found the answer, why not try find a solution? There are thousands of videos and blogs out there to walk you through nearly any situation. If you have the correct tools handy, why not give it a go? And if it all goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame

  1. One visit

If you do call a plumber, try to have a few jobs ready for him. There’s no point calling one out and then two weeks later doing the same for a different task. Make a note of all the problems that your plumbing system has and ask them to fix them right away. If there’s any way to make it cheaper, try it. Discounts for first-time visit can be common, as well as asking for a visit during normal business hours.

So, next time there is a plumbing emergency, don’t panic and weigh up the solutions before calling the plumber.