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3 Item(s)

Do you need a special travel stroller when you’re out and about? Or maybe you want to get around those tight city spaces?

While other travel strollers may be bulky and heavy, the phil&teds Smart Stroller weighs a mere 8kg, so now you can get around easily and conveniently.

You can go anywhere you like with this travel stroller. It can also double up as a carry cot and a car seat, so there’s no need for you to buy (and carry around) all the extra equipment.

It’s great for the city too. At a width of only 57cm, this smart travel stroller can get through all the tight spaces that would hold the bulkier stroller up.

It folds up into a nice compact form so you can easily pack it away.

Do you want a travel stroller that is light, compact, convenient, and helps you get around easier? Then why not consider this smart travel stroller from Phil & Teds right now?

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