3 phase inverters are the new frontier with more modern homeowners jumping on the bandwagon!  For those looking for a bit more power in your home, this could be a great choice for you. Why are people making the switch? Let’s see what all the fuss is about with our tell-all guide on everything you need to know about this solar power.

What is a 3 phase inverter?

A3 phase inverter is an incredibly powerful solar solution. Most solar-powered homes typically have a single-stage power that has two wires in one cable for your electricity. With a 3 phase inverter, you can expect triple the power, triple the quality. It has double the amount of wires, allowing more better quality and faster electricity to circulate through the home. This is perfect for air conditioners that need a great amount of electricity to run. You can have great electricity that’s environmentally friendly with no issues with a 3 phase inverter.

Best Way To Tell You Have A 3 Phase Inverter

Usually, this will be noted in your electrical panel. This is found in the electrical switchboard on the side of the home. If your main switch has three breakers this is a great way to see if you could use a 3 phase inverter. Another way is to get in touch with a distributed network service provider. They are the company to get in touch with to pay for your electricity bills and in an emergency. By providing your net metre identifier, you can determine whether you have a singular or non-singular solar system.

Why a 3 phase inverter would be good for your home?

3 phase inverter

Prevents risk of high voltage

Voltage rise can be an issue when it comes to using a singular power. A voltage rise is the amount of space between a stronger inverter voltage and a grid voltage. The range for the voltage would be around 216 up to 253 volts. With a 3 phase inverter the increase of wires and electric power, which means that there is more solar energy that can be created preventing the issue of a voltage rise.

A voltage rise can cause your 3 phase inverter to switch off in order to prevent further damage to your electrical system. A rise in voltage could cause blackouts and further damage to your electrical circuit. This keeps you and your loved ones in the home safe knowing their electricity is not only environmentally sustainable but also safe to use.  This is an issue if you’re in need of using electricity e.g. work or school, causing issues for productivity. With this solar system on your back belt, you can prevent this issue from occurring, ensuring your electricity at home is a well-oiled machine.

Money saver

Despite the price tag, purchasing a 3 phase inverter is a good investment to consider. For instance, let’s say you are using two electrical appliances that require a large amount of power e.g. an air conditioning and gas water system using different types of power. You might find yourself losing money in the long run, having to keep paying more for electricity than you are saving. With this solar system, you could find yourself not having to pay as much, saving you money in the long run as it prevents imports and exports from coming to the grid. You can also find yourself saving money for your property in the case of selling your home. This solar system is a popular choice among homeowners, this can make your property a good investment to make, finding yourself sold in no time!