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There are always multiple things on your to-do list before you can actually go and relax on your holiday. Adding some quick plumbing tasks to that list can save you and your family a lot of time and money in the future. It could even prevent a potential plumbing disaster when you get back which your plumber in Sydney will have to attend to.

The little precautionary measures aren’t too complicated and usually take less than a couple of minutes. If you have a holiday planned and don’t have a house sitter planned, here are some of the easiest and best tips to prevent yourself from a potential plumbing disaster.

Turn off your main water supply

Coming home to a scene of water spraying everywhere is a nightmare for any returning holiday goer. To prevent this type of disaster you can switch off your main water supply to give you some peace of mind of any potential burst pipes. Turning off the main water supply is an easy, effective precautionary measure to prevent any potential water damage to your house.

If a plumbing emergency occurs when you are at home, the quick action of shutting off the main water supply could potentially save your home’s structural integrity and prevent any belongings from being damaged or destroyed. Because of this if you don’t know where your main shut off for your water supply is, you should seek it immediately.

Some houses have automatic sprinkler reticulation and the main water supply must be kept on for it. If your house has these types of sprinklers, you can still minimise any potential risk by switching off individual water flows. Common isolated leaks such as toilets, fridges, sinks, dishwashers and washing machines all have their own line that can be easily accessed and switched off.

When arriving home and you’re turning the water supply back on, make sure to do it slowly to combat for the build-up of water pressure that has developed while you were gone.

Turn off your hot water system

Before long holidays people like to turn off all appliances from the wall to save money on electricity bills. But most people don’t know that your hot water system is one of the highest energy consumption appliances in your household. If you simply turn it off for a week or so you can lower your energy bill significantly and pay for some of your holiday with your savings.

The only downside or risk of turning your hot water system off is if your system at risk of freezing. Since Australia has one of the hottest climates on the planet it’s highly unlikely that anything in our homes is at risk of freezing. From so, there’s no harm in turning it off for a couple of days

Companies are aware that there are no serious risks and most models have a holiday setting that puts it in standby for a certain period of time. If your model doesn’t have this feature, turn it off via the main shut off valve. If you are stressed and anxious about turning it off completely, you can reduce the heat to the lowest setting which will also save costs while you’re gone. The main thing to remember when turning your hot water off is to remember to turn it on when you return.

Have an inspection beforehand

When’s the last time you simply had a plumber over to inspect that everything is working and in order? Most of the time we only think about it when there’s a problem but plumbers have to knowledge of what to look for that could lead to bigger things.

If you notice any pools of water lying around get someone over to have a look at it before you head off. Any pools of water around your hot water system could be an indication that it needs repair and maintenance and should be definitely conducted before you go away.

If you’re going away on a holiday, adding some of these simple plumbing tips can save you a lot of stress and money when you return.