When it comes to your house’s water system there are few things to consider, one of those being what kind of water is running through your pipes. There are two types, and both will have a different effect on everything from your plumbing system.

Hard water contains more minerals than soft water. Hard water, unlike soft water, is untreated containing minerals such as calcium and magnesium bicarbonate as well as calcium and magnesium chloride. Soft water, on the other hand, contains just sodium. So, what difference do these minerals make to your plumbing system?

Hard water containing more minerals will leave more of a trace on anything that it comes into contact with, things such as shower heads, taps and even glassware. Over time, it can leave deposits called scale in pipes which can lead to corrosion. Washing machines and water heaters have also been known to be damaged due to hard water. When washing dishes, hard water will prevent bubbles forming as it’s mixed with soap. This leaves just a film which will be seen in the water and possibly leave traces on dishes.

Hard water is more prevalent for a couple of reasons. It is the only water found naturally. To create soft water, rain water, which is naturally soft, needs to be collected before hitting the ground or hard water needs to be treated to remove the minerals. As hard water Is more common, people have grown accustomed to its taste and prefer it to soft water.

Leaving stains on your shower or bath, hard water is not harmful to your health but can take away the shine your bathroom. To restore the once gleaming appearance, it is recommended to use a water and vinegar mixture. Once left on the surface for a few minutes, it can be washed off.

A vinegar and baking soda mix is also said to be effective for removing hard water stains. After leaving it on a hard water stain for up to 15 minutes, the solution can be washed off and dried, with the stain now a thing of the past. While spraying lemon juice on hard water stains is also said to work.

Hard water, although not harmful, can leave unwanted stains on numerous different surfaces in your house but with the home remedies mentioned above they should be a thing of the past and you can continue your life without any more hard water annoyance.