You have a business idea. You’re tired of taking orders from your boss day in, day out and want to control your own schedule. You’ve been in the plumbing business for years, fully qualified, you’ve seen it all so are confident you can handle your own workload. With that in mind, you’ve quietly been letting people know about your plan to branch out by yourself, so you have a small but loyal client base who you will be relying on to help grow your business. That’s clients sorted but what else do you need?

  1. A van

Every plumber needs a van. Not just any van though, one that is branded, instantly recognisable and associated with a professional. Customers know that when this van pulls into their driveway, they will be receiving the best of the best plumbing solutions and help. With that in mind, you’ll be able to charge a premium rate too. Something that would not be possible if you were stepping out of a hatchback with a beaten-up tool box.

  1. Business cards

Create a logo, put in on your van and put it on your business cards. Then go about leaving them anywhere and everywhere. Half of the battle is getting your name out there, and once that’s done, the work and preceding reputation will take care of itself. Include the different aspects of plumbing you’ll be able to help with as well as your contact details, of course.

  1. Online presence

Set up a website linked to your social media profiles and you can start off building an online reputation for yourself. Littered with a mixture of how-to blogs and videos as well examples of your handiwork, your website can be the best advertisement for your plumbing skills. Whether fixing a leak, installing a toilet or offering tips on water conservation, create a website that has all the answers and potential clients will be more than convinced ready to pick up the phone to contact you.

The plumbing business is a well-paid one so if you’re going out by yourself make sure you do it properly. Ensuring sure your licences are up-to-date and being aware of any new legislation is especially important. Once that is taken care of, you will be able to concentrate on the job at hand, to build your plumbing business up from the very bottom to the top of the pile.