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5 Item(s)

Bumbo and their range of baby seats allow you to confidently support your baby’s development in regards to toilet awareness and use, but also their posture and safety too. The bumbo baby seats offered in our online store and in our stores in Sydney have won a wide range of awards because of their unique design. Your baby, from the ages of 0 to 1 years can sit safely and confidently while learning general practice in regards to toilet use while unassisted or with assistance, and as such can learn how to sit comfortably and correctly, while still developing their toilet skills at their own pace without someone looking over or above their shoulder – which adults and children can relate to as being overwhelming. The bumbo baby seat is designed for infants to be used in any type of bathroom that is on a flat surface and in turn promotes for the development of a relationship pertaining to toilet use for both you and your child while adhering to and motivating a development in both them and their parents confidence in regards to toilet use while under supervision and on their own.

The bumbo baby seats available for sale from us here at Minimee are made and manufactured from materials that meet the standards of highest safety and on top of this they’re easily portable and durable – one purchase will last them and you their requirements for a lifetime, if you’ve got more babies on the way or plan to have more infants, then what better purchase!

They’re safe, portable and easy to use, so you know that when you buy this product from us not only will you be buying from the best, but you’ll also be buying from a company that cares about you and your child and understands your requirements, so if you have any questions about any of our products or the bumbo baby seat in particular you’re viewing here -- you can visit us in store or alternatively you can call us and discuss this product in particular.

Browse our wide range of baby seats not only from Bumbo but from a wide range of brands or call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.. Baby seats and babies in general are our thing.

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