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Items 1 to 9 of 22 total

Like all things baby related, we here at Minimee have a wide range of breast feeding products such as bottles, breast pumps and feeding pillows to make the entire process a little more comfortable or easier to wedge into.

Nipple shields and pumps are great products that many of our mums purchase from us here at Minimee both new and old, as you would know or will soon find out, it can be quite painful to have a nibble on the nipple that is unprotected, and having enough breast milk to feed a new born can be a task that is near impossible, or at least seems that way — at times!

Some of the other breast feeding products we have aside from breast pumps and nipple protectors are feeding pillows, which allow you to free your arms from supporting your baby and giving them a place to lie or rest on to take the stress of you and them and make the entire breast feeding process a little easier.

Aside from this we also offer breast feeding concealing blankets that allow you to nurse your new born in public without feeling embarrassed or ashamed by exposing yourself to those around you, which facilitates the most discreet breastfeeding wherever you may be and at any time!

Browse our wide range of breast feeding products now and if you have any questions or queries you can visit us in store or alternatively give one of our team a phone call.

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